What is Conscious Business?

Hermes wants to be the point of reference for companies looking to develop a culture of conscious business, by investing in the human qualities of their personnel. But what does conscious business mean?

Here are some concepts which are important to us:

The three dimensions of business

The development of any economic activity is related to three dimensions that characterise a company. These dimensions are:

Impersonal: the technical skill, efficiency and reliability of an organisation
Interpersonal: human relations, built on solidarity, trust and respect
Personal: psychology and behaviour, inner emotions, generating happiness and the true meaning of the work.


Consciousness is the ability to experience reality, aware of both our interior and exterior worlds. The interior world is the one which gives us energy, vision, a desire to try something (or to desist), a desire to think individually (my life, my career, my concern) or instead to share a collective vision.

The conscious actions of a company make it a living organism, which develops its business in harmony with its personnel, with society and with the environment; a business in which quality and ethics are not just theories or perceptions, but real life, tangible values.

The conscious leader

In their personal interactions, conscious leaders help all those around them to rediscover their personal power and their responsibility. By definition, one of the most important qualities in a leader is the capacity to encourage individuals to see themselves as part of a wider system, striving towards a goal shared by all, in an environment of mutual support and respect.