Victims and players

These are two attitudes that people typically display, both in the working environment and in their private lives.

“Victims” focus only on factors which they cannot influence, seeing themselves as suffering the consequences of external circumstances. When things are going badly, victims always look for someone to blame.

“Players”, on the other hand, focus their attention on elements which they can influence, because they see themselves as someone who can respond to outside circumstances. Their self-esteem is based on trying to do everything to the best of their ability, and their explanations are focused on themselves, because they recognise that they are always part of the cause of any problems. When things are going badly, players try to understand what they could do to correct the situation. They always try to find explanations which give them power, which bring events back under their control.

If I want to be a part of the solution, I must also see myself as part of the problem. If I don't recognise my contribution to this complex situation, I will never be able to change it.

No one of us is 100% victim or 100% player.