Transformative Learning

Hermes Consulting is the biggest Italian firm working exclusively to develop individual and team potential. We focus on change management, helping you to guide and facilitate cultural transformation following change or reorganisation within your business.

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For almost 20 years, Hermes Consulting has been helping its clients to increase staff awareness and improve their managerial and behavioural skills. We use a specific method known as transformative learning. This is an education process designed to transform: it changes people's attitudes, energy and motivation levels, how they interact within their team and the way they identify with corporate objectives. Only this way does it become easier to translate corporate strategies into action: there's no longer a gap between what you say and what you do.

We believe that success lies not in a learning process based around “information transfer”, but in working on subjective behaviours, on the thought processes behind those behaviours, on the internal obstacles which prevent people from giving the best of themselves. This approach is particularly relevant in the current climate, at a time when the business world is challenging, conditioned by stress, opposition, fear and confusion.

At Hermes Consulting, we focus on changes which affect:
1. the professional life and role of a particular individual
2. the modus operandi of your actual teams (the groups who work together daily within your company)
3. the collective culture of your company and its values.

For several years, we have been successfully building, testing and consolidating original learning processes, integrating various methods for developing individuals and organisational systems: constructivism, systemic relationships, neuro-linguistic programming, Roger's humanistic approach, body mediation and transactional analysis.

We specialise in creating easier, more fluid learning situations, which allow participants to acquire not only new skills, but new attitudes and new ways of thinking, helping them to rediscover their enthusiasm and fulfilment in what they do. Transformative learning brings a higher level of “presence” and alignment: a higher level of clarity on what we're doing and why we're doing it.

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Tranformative Learning



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Victims and

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display, both in the
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