Sharing a Vision for Success

1. Sharing a Vision for Success



To refocus or accelerate change within your company
To share business strategies and empower your management and personnel to follow those strategies

ConVision is the ideal tool for sharing your corporate philosophy, a new strategy, or objectives to be pursued with every employee, on every level, as well as empowering everyone involved to achieve results in a more focused and determined manner.


An internal communication activity structured around three key moments:

1. Management illustrates the new Vision plus the strategies to be followed (a new business plan, organisation or strategy)
2. In sub-groups, guided by the consultants, participants reflect on the strategies, translating them into objectives and concrete actions to be implemented within their individual areas of responsibility
3. The groups' suggestions are then shared in a final collective discussion with strong emotional involvement.


2. Creative convention


To introduce new working methods (for example: evaluation), to which you want your managers to adhere
When you have been unable to introduce a new concept/method directly
When people aren't seeing the value or the need for changes required, and for this reason, are not acting on them.

The creative convention provides a setting in which people can contribute creatively to resolving the problem in question, making them feel "part of the solution" and increasing their motivation and identification.


Participants are involved, based on a topic of interest to the company, in creative and ideational experiences, in order to identify ideas, objectives and actions which are immediately applicable within the corporate context.