Development and personal wellbeing

Companies today are living in a time of continuous evolution, regular restructuring, unexpected changes in career paths, and with the “rules of the game” turned upside down, the workplace climate is one of growing uncertainty, tension and stress.

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For this reason, in line with new legislation on work-related stress, we have created a new division, which specialises in enhancing the personal resources that help your team to feel more at ease in tackling this difficult market situation. Resources that support individuals in identifying new ways to carry out their roles, performing with renewed energy and responsibility.

This specialist Hermes department focuses on the aspects of your business related to wellbeing and “people care”, on CRAL ("Circolo Ricreativo Aziendale Lavoratori", Italian Employees' Recreational Circles), and on organisations which care about the personal development of their employees.
We offer a series of solutions and individual development activities with multiple objectives: reacting more readily to change; improving ability to manage stressful situations; enhancing the talents of each individual in order to achieve greater self-realisation; helping your employees to find a better work-life balance; and finally promoting a corporate culture of wellness as a tool for growth, both for the individual and for the organisation. Because a company filled with happier, more satisfied individuals is a company that will achieve better results.

Our trainers - counselors, coaches, psychologists and therapists - offer a unique combination of skills: both in terms of human beings and how they operate, and in terms of companies and their organisation dynamics. Thanks to this mix, we can offer a truly targeted response that helps people to give their best, both at work and at home.

Our activities in this area can be used as a new tool to incentivise your personnel, an unbeatable opportunity to increase and restore wellbeing and energy.

our emotions

Just like the wheels on a car need convergence to move freely and quickly, in the same way, an individual must maintain his or her emotional balance in order to act effectively.

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