Women in the workplace

Hermes supports Valore D, the first association of large companies created in Italy to support female leadership in the corporate world, founded in 2009 by a group of major companies with a common goal: to support and increase the representation of female talent in top level positions, through tangible and concrete actions.

Hermes works on three main issues: enhancing self-esteem and awareness of how women value themselves within the corporate setting. Enhancing the skills of women by putting them first, seeing them and recognising them. This benefits both the women in question and the company as a whole. Not only that, according to recent American research: organisations in which women consistently hold key positions are achieving, even at a time of crisis like this, the most significant results on the market on average.

The second issue on which we are focusing is the integration of two leadership models: masculine and feminine. These are two diverse methods, but which generate greater value when they are integrated in a mature, non-conflicting manner. That is, when the feminine point of view and abilities, fully demonstrated, are integrated with the masculine abilities and viewpoint. This allows both models to function more effectively and produces better business results.

Finally, and also in partnership with Valore D, we are working on the issue of conflict management: confrontation with others is unavoidable, but often taken hard by women and managed ineffectively, due to cultural models which disadvantage women in these situations. We therefore need a kind of specific training to enable more lucid, beneficial conflict management.