How we work

Seven good reasons to choose Hermes Consulting:

1. We are the biggest Italian business consultancy firm dedicated entirely to empowering individuals, teams and organizations, in order to accelerate processes of change, transformation and cultural evolution within your company.

2. We are a real company: with an organisational structure designed to manage the "big numbers” required by our corporate clients. In 2012, for example, we worked with 12,692 individuals from some of the biggest Italian firms, delivering 1692 days of consultancy.

3. We work on the processes which involve every level of your company: from the Board, to the managers, to the professionals, to the front lines. Our strength lies in our ability to facilitate and encourage processes of change and learning throughout your entire organisation.

4. Our 50 senior consultants can offer extremely rapid intervention: our intervention times are excellent, right from analysis of your needs to implementing solutions. And all of this with unwavering high quality.

5. We can easily manage large scale projects: we have delivered interventions involving over 3000 participants, working in 11 classrooms simultaneously, with over 250 days of classroom time delivered over the course of a month, to the same corporate client.

6. We ensure that the content of our teaching and the experiences delivered are instantly transferable to your everyday tasks. In fact, our specific talent is working on the “interior roots” of an individual: on the mechanisms which unlock their personal resources, their potential, their energy, and overcoming fear and resistance to change. We call this transformative learning.

7. For 15 years we have been successfully building and consolidating original teaching and learning processes, integrating a diverse range of skills and educational practices: constructivism, systemic relationships, neuro-linguistic programming, Roger's humanistic approach, body mediation and transactional analysis. We are committed to constant innovation of content and theme, delivered through an area of “knowledge” specifically created within our company.

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