Impeccable Coordination

In today's world, each one of us needs to cooperate with an unimaginable number of people, simply to survive.

Whether our relationships are professional or personal, we constantly exchange requests and promises which allow us to coordinate our actions.

Do you do your utmost to keep your promises, or do you take them lightly? Are you able to keep your word?

How you answer these questions, not only in your words, but in your daily actions too, says a lot about you.

Some people do anything to stick to their commitments, while others are completely unreliable.

We can observe the same mechanisms in our organisations: some have a permissive attitude regarding lateness and inefficiency, while others take commitment very seriously.

There is always a strong correlation between being committed to keeping promises and the efficiency of an individual or a group.

And, perhaps the most important aspect, a culture that promotes impeccability in maintaining commitments encourages a sense of fullness, dignity and awareness of one's own value in its members.

But what does “doing all you can” mean?

It means impeccable commitment, and creating and maintaining an atmosphere which promotes integrity, trust and efficiency. It means being able to recognise when circumstances change, and being able to introduce legitimate modifications to agreements made. It means honouring our commitments impeccably, even when it actually becomes very tricky to fulfill them.