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Communicating with everyone, involving everybody

“ConVision” is an adaptation of the Italian phrase “With Vision”, it conveys a sense of looking forward, of sharing your vision with others. Results of recent surveys show that only 19% of company employees have priorities which are linked to clearly articulated corporate strategies. The same research states that employees rarely feel empowered to act in line with company values. This happens because your strategies, values and objectives, although clear in the minds of your managers, often are not communicated clearly, effectively and comprehensively to every member of your team. And this is why sometimes we can "lose our way".

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Hermes is here to help you to find the right moments and methods for effective, original sharing of these strategies and values: by sharing with greater clarity and energy, you can enhance your company's capacity to act. These are activities which offer smooth integration between motivation, aggregation and learning, designed to transmit to all levels of your organisation the ideas, values and strategies devised by your managers. To integrate your teams. To generate that special "sense of us": the motor to drive your future results.

Because it is only by ensuring that every level of your company understands "where you are going, why you are going there, what you all gain from it, and what contribution each person can make", that the energy of both managers and employees can be put back on track. By generating increased enthusiasm, engagement and a sense of belonging.

Hermes will help you to build and guide these activities, so that they represent productive moments of evolution for all involved. Made-to-measure experiences tailored especially for your company. Rich in symbolic meaning. Emotionally involving. And bringing concrete return in your day-to-day business: you'll see a change in your team, and every single participant will see great potential, in themselves and in others, that they didn't know was there.


Whether our relationships
are professional or personal, we constantly
exchange requests and promises
which allow us to coordinate our actions.

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