Hermes Consulting srl

Società Unipersonale a Responsabilità limitata

Via Capo di Mondo 56 int. 2, 50136 Firenze
P.I. 04768420483

P: Tel. 055.2001033
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Hermes is a company that creates opportunities:: a setting in which it is possible, for those who so desire, to identify your own space for excellence and express it to the best of your abilities.

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Hermes has chosen, over the years, to bring together a group of highly qualified professionals, who know each other, grow together, continually aligning with one another and investing in their training.
Our goal is to stimulate continuous integration and exchange between different people in our group, in order to facilitate development, research and continuous improvement, allowing constant growth of our internal expertise.

The characteristics which we all share and which make us stand out are:

Enhancing individuals through effective listening and close attention to feedback
Constant "care" and availability to our clients
Close attention to the overall results of the interventions delivered
Solid experience in HR consultancy or in managerial roles in companies in various fields
High professionalism in managing senior level classrooms, on transverse and humanistic topics
Experience gathered from implementing change management projects, acting as educators, consultants and client managers
The ability to draw up and implement structured plans on both a macro and micro scale
Excellent knowledge of at least two languages
We seek out exchange and comparison, striving to work as a team
Motivation to continually update and innovate

If you think that this describes you, we would be happy to review your application, which you can send to us at the following address:

Our selection process includes:

A day of testing at our offices in Florence
Shadowing in the field with our Teaching Manager
Gradual insertion into our various skill areas

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