At Hermes we work hard every day, above all on ourselves.
Because we want what we do to reflect what we say.
Because what we say shows how we think and feel.
Because our thoughts and feelings are in keeping with our values and our innermost identity.

Hermes works every day with companies for whom we do, essentially, the very same thing.
But on a much bigger scale. To help you to bring consistency, clarity and alignment to your organisation.
To help you promote your specific culture and values. To communicate those values clearly, both internally and externally, because this brings financial benefits. And to translate those values into conscious behaviours.
To create an environment which favours cooperation, belonging and sharing, in order to increase the collective intelligence of the living system which is your company.

All of this serves us well. Because we don't do anything else. We start from our own behaviours.
Simply browse this website to see how we work: using ideas, methods and learning technologies, we challenge the status quo every single day, encouraging the evolution of companies who know, like us, that doing business "the way they've always done", is no longer enough.



In Greek Mythology, Hermes was a god of transitions, who opened new opportunities and linked behaviours to values. We have chosen to interpret this spirit, bringing this message and these abilities to you.

Hermes Consulting was born in 1996. For almost 20 years we have been providing consultancy to national and multinational companies. We add daily to our extensive experience and specialist knowledge, putting us in the optimum position to meet the individual needs of every single client.

We are a team of 50 senior professionals, coordinated from our headquarters in Florence, who provide consultancy, personal development and change management services..

Many of us are occupational psychologists, therapists, coaches and counselors. Others are consultants in art and architecture, sports experts, sociologists, social research specialists, mass-media experts and brand communication consultants. A rich and unique mixture of skills, with one common denominator: we have all developed in-depth knowledge of human beings and how they operate in the corporate environment.

Over the years, we have put our all into becoming experts in one particular area: connecting business plans, strategies, organisational models, roles and skills, with those who need to implement and express them, in order to develop thoughts, abilities and actions, in line with the results that you require.

And our clients recognise this ability in us. They appreciate the fact that we offer and provide support in a “gentle”, non-prescriptive way.

Thanks to the trust placed in us by so many companies, with whom we have developed productive, long-lasting partnerships, over the last three years we have come into contact with around 70,000 people, and worked on over 400 different projects.

Today Hermes is Italy's biggest consultancy firm, in terms of both size and turnover, focused exclusively on the core business of empowering individuals, teams and organizations, in order to accelerate processes of change, transformation and cultural evolution within your company.

For several years, Hermes has also been active on a Europe-wide level, keen to seize new international opportunities.



We support organisations with the implementation of measures to enhance performance, through the development of responsibility, skills and energy, helping our clients to tackle with determination the changes required by the global market.


We want to be the point of reference for companies looking to develop a conscious business culture, investing in the human qualities of their personnel and striving for excellence in innovation, integration and results.


We believe that the individual demonstration of values such as responsibility, generosity and collaboration, expressed consciously through words and actions, can enable the people we meet to express the best of themselves in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.


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