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Your corporate strategies translated into action

International studies claim that just 50% of strategies drawn up by managers of European firms are actually implemented. To put it another way, this means that one in two strategies fail, because companies simply do not understand how to transform their paper thoughts into real life processes. And, of course, this failure is not without consequence: it results in increasing frustration and an enormous waste of energy, time and resources.

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For almost 20 years, Hermes has been helping boards of directors to hone and develop their precise visions. This vision is then instantly followed by the establishment of a clear strategy, which the board themselves produce. By helping top-level managers to develop a highly effective collective thought process, which represents them as a working team, we can help you to generate a vision and a strategy which your company truly “owns”. We can help you to nurture the energy and consistency which makes your board of directors the driving force and sponsor behind any successful company.

A specific business culture is key to the implementation of any strategy: identifying “how” your company operates will help you to achieve your goals, enabling your team to understand the values, behaviours and systems with which your company identifies. Working on your business culture is key, here, as well as ensuring that every member of your team is on the same page.
Hermes is convinced that the most successful companies are those who recognise the strength and the innate importance of their corporate values. That's why we have developed a series of original and effective methods to make managers more aware of the values which create their company's identity (who are we? what are we really working for? what drives us as a group? what makes us feel secure when we work together?).

Because your corporate values, when correctly communicated and applied, act like the DNA in our bodies: each individual cell, in addition to its specific function and specialisation, is aware of the overall framework of which it is a part, is familiar with the objective towards which the entire “corporate body” is striving in order to achieve health and wellbeing.
This is why it is so important that your board of directors becomes more aware of these values as a strategic tool to allow concrete “implementation” of corporate strategies. And finally, that they also know how to communicate those values effectively, to motivate and inspire those around them.

Conscious Business

Hermes wants to be
the point of reference for companies looking to develop a culture of conscious business,
by investing in the human qualities of their personnel.

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